Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What sets you apart from the other delivery companies?

A:  Quality, variety, consistency, and availability.  We know you take quality seriously, and so do we.  That's why we post independent 3rd party test results for cannabinoid content and terpene profiles on our site publicly. 

Q:  Why do you post lab results and what do they mean?

A:   Cannabinoid profiles vary wildly among different strains.  Even a well-known stable variety can test differently each time due to growing conditions, handling practices, etc.   As cannabinoid research advances, our understanding of how different cannabinoids affect us and interact with each other is constantly evolving as well.  Even the terpenes, (the natural plant chemicals that cause different odors) have their own unique effects.  Check out this infographic on Leafly about terpene effects.  

Q: What is Craft-Cannabis?  How is it different from mass produced cannabis?

A:  The difference between Craft-Cannabis and mass-produced cannabis is similar to the difference between your favorite micro-brew and a regular can of generic beer, or similar to how you might compare an aged single-malt scotch to a bottle of blended cheap whisky.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cheap beer or blended whisky from a plastic jug, but when you feel like something a little nicer, something more unique-  That's when you call us.  

Our Cannabis is grown in small batches.  There are no big automated warehouses in our operation.  We take a hands on approach to growing and virtually every part of every plant is handled by a person and rigorously inspected throughout the entire growing cycle.  Smaller grows mean less automation.  It is simply our belief that you can't mass produce quality cannabis.  Check out this article on Leafly about The Rise of Craft-Cannabis.

Q:  How do I order?  

A:  You can call, email or text anytime.  We currently make deliveries between the hours of 10-8.  You will need a valid ID, and your MMJ Designation Card.  Most deliveries can be made within an hour.  Check the contact page for delivery info. 

Q:  How much cannabis can I have delivered at once?

A:  Due to our small batches and high demand, patients are limited to 1 oz of flower per delivery.   For edibles and extract products, please inquire for availability.  

Q:  Can I receive smaller amounts?

A:  Yes.  However, we have a minimum delivery order of 3.5 grams of flower.